The Package

The BornGreen Package

The Tree

The planted trees will be beech or oak, both species having a high life-expectancy (even 400 years).

In order to remove any risk when it comes to the durability of the planted trees, they will be planted as heisters. On top of that, these trees can grow up to 40M and being a hardwood type of tree, they also show one of the highest CO2 absorption rates.

The Puzzle

The personalized-puzzle token is a mini-tree made out of durable wood with the name of the baby engraved on it.

It is a puzzle so the child can play with it but it can also take the form of a design object keeping the memory of the tree and the child’s birth evergreen.

The Certificate

The certificate will be the official declaration of the tree that is planted for the baby and who gave it to him. Besides that, on the certificate you will be able to find the geographical coordinates of the tree, a series number and a personal note from the giver.

This certificate not only makes it official, it makes it also personal As the person who gives this gift to a dear one gets the chance to write something for him or her.

The DIY Package

We are listening to our consumers and based on the feedback we got so far, we decided to include a new option so that our gift will make more people happy. Therefore, from now on you can have your own personalized package, depending on what you like best. It can be only the tree, or the tree and the token, or, why not, the whole package 🙂

The Process

Shortly after an order is placed we are getting in touch with you so that we can discuss all the details (names, personalisation process, etc..).

In the meantime, we are carefully producing the token and the certificate based on the details you give us.

Both the certificate and the token will be delivered to an address and on a date of your choice. Moreover, the tree will be planted in the BornGreen garden in one of the planting seasons (Spring or Autumn) depending on when you are placing the order.​

The Garden

The BornGreen Garden is designed to represent much more than just a forest. We carefully took in consideration every detail so that we can transform it into an engaging place so that the you will want to visit and spend time in it.Together with our forest and tree experts, we will also provide all the conditions a tree needs to grow safely and evolve into a gift for the Planet too. We strive to make this place a home for the trees and also a warm host for the people.​